Saturday, May 21, 2005

Once again, the buck stops...SOMEWHERE ELSE.

U.S. Memo Faults Afghan Leader on Heroin Fight

""Although President Karzai has been well aware of the difficulty in trying to implement an effective ground eradication program, he has been unwilling to assert strong leadership, even in his own province of Kandahar," said the cable, which was drafted by embassy personnel involved in the antidrug efforts, two American officials said."


"The cable also faulted Britain, which has the top responsibility for counternarcotics assistance in Afghanistan, for being "substantially responsible" for the failure to eradicate more acreage. British personnel choose where the eradication teams work, but the cable said that those areas were often not the main growing areas and that the British had been unwilling to revise targets."


What was the Bush Dynasty's first multimillion dollar commodity? It was black and sticky, but it wasn't oil.


Blogger Karen said...

No accountability!! It's a terrible part of today's society.

I make my children say "sorry" even if it's an accident. Their school says, "they can't just say they're sorry. They're too young to understand what that means." Excuse ME?!! So we have a whole generation of this crap to go through and hopefully there will be sanity in the galaxy again, someday.

10:07 PM  

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